The Trinket Box Ball Jointed Dolls
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The Trinket Box Kids 
All Deposits On Pre-Orders Are Non Refundable

Other Past Dolls That Can Be Pre-Ordered Through Emailing - Only When I Have A Current Pre-Order Going
Kimmie 18 Inch or 12 Inch Size
Mazey 18 Inch or 12 Inch Size 
Michelle 18 Inch or 12 Inch Size 
Duda 18 Inch or 12 Inch Size 
Yarrow 18 Inch or 12 Inch 
Quitara 18 Inch & 12 Inch Size 
Angel 18 Inch or 12 inch size
Elf Blair 18 Inch or 12 Inch Size 
Misfit Dally 18 Inch Size Only 
Outfits Will Vary on All New Orders - It will depend on what I have in stock 
Polly Petunia 18 Inches - Light Tan 
Elf Meadow 18 Inch & 12 Inch Size 
Everything On My Web Page , Dolls Owned By Me & Photography is protected under the copyright law.
Please do not copy photos and use them for your business or personal use
Each Doll Ordered Comes Complete

Customer Picks Out 1 Wig , 1 set of eyes and 1 Outfit Set..also comes with 1 pair of Leather Boots ( In Stock Items )
Face-Ups are done by the artist 

Wait time from the time the order goes into the factory then back to me is approximately 3 to 4 months
For Doll Ordering Information Please Contact Me
Elf Sunny 16 Inch Size 
Birdie In 16 Inch Size 
Wee Bitty Boo Boo - Available in 18 Inch and 12 Inch Size 
Elf Sunny - 16 Inches - This is Sunny in Grey Resin 
Aubrey is a new head sculpt I have been working on and she is almost ready to go to the factory for casting...I hope to have some samples of her in Nov/Dec for a pre-order in the New Year !!
Hi Everyone , I am trying to play catch up after our move to a new home and getting some what organized and ready to be creative once again. I have been so busy getting dolls ready for MDCC and also working on other dolls all at the same time.
I have new work to introduce with Luli being the first to go up for pre-order as soon as her samples get back to me and Aubrey is another new girl and I also have a little surprise to re-introduce Mazey calling her Mazey #2 with a much updated new look and some cute new ears. I will post about her update on the fan page soon.
It's pretty scary to say we are now going into the last few months of 2022 but its true but I am excited to bring forth some new work to my wonderful followers..keep watching on the Trinket Box Fan Page  ( facebook )